Sunday, July 3, 2016

Emptiness : Being Myself

This is a very self oriented writeup.... at times you should write for yourself....

The best journeys are those which have no destination.
Embarking on such a journey from today.... the journey of life.... with lots of grief in context with a particular phase of life.... my question to life is ....  Are Expectations (whatsoever it may be) important ? 
Cant we proceed the journey of life without any expectations ( atleast from a particular phase). Everybody isn't destined with a complete world.
What answer do I get.... nothing.... just preparing my lemonade from the lemons life has thrown upon me.
There is nothing to write or seduce the words at this point. Its the sense of emptiness... and please; Karma has nothing to do with it... its the feel of absolute void inside you. Its about realising, refining, rediscovering not only yourself but also of your expectations.
Its like getting a reality check. Its like realizing your worth infront of one of the worthiest persons that you considered to be....

So this reality check made me fall in love with my Emptiness all over again....Finally thanking everyone who were/are a part of me in this journey called life, and without any destination and most importantly without any expectations (atleast from a particular domain), I re-start my journey again........

But yes, there will be a time when realization will creep in and they would realise the pain of being tolerated and not celebrated... (see the irony....still expectations creep in...)

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